Why work with an Executive Coach?

Coaches are not just for athletes. Everyone benefits from the guidance and expertise of a coach. A coach will be there to observe, support and identify ways to improve performance. A coach provides an ongoing supportive and challenging relationship that brings out your best. A coach gives you a competitive edge; driving your development to new levels.


  • are committed to the success of the coachee
  • translate your dreams and ideas to achievable goals
  • puts the coachee in action toward specific goals they are committed to achieving
  • develop effective, workable strategies for goal achievement
  • maintain constant focus on implementing these strategies in order to create the success you desire
  • shift attitudes and habits that keep you from attaining important goals
  • encourages the coachee to challenge their own thinking
  • provide a sounding board for the coachee
  • point the coachee to resources and possibilities
  • reinforce the leadership philosophy of:
    • commitment to mutual success
    • building strong work relationships
    • challenging the process
    • inspiring a shared vision
    • enabling others to act
    • modelling the way
    • encouraging the heart
  • they are not a therapist – yet help to solve problems quickly
  • they are not family counselors – but show you how to communicate effectively
  • they are not corporate consultants – yet they coach executives on strategy and leadership
  • they are not career counselors – but they help employees to rise through the ranks or make a job change
  • they are not teachers – but they show you how to get more of what you want

COACHING: Building an Internal Capability for Sustainable Results

Coaching is one of the most effective organizational learning processes available. It is central to maximizing the potential of human beings and it dynamically accelerates adult learning. Coaching is an interactive process where the coach provides a powerful role model by supporting, encouraging and challenging the candidate. Developing an internal coaching capability supports a rapidly changing environment, keeps people on task for specific goals they are committed to achieving and unleashes individual leadership capabilities.

Coaching is leadership in action. It means exploring the strengths and development needs of people and helping them to maximize their abilities. It is about listening, communicating and role modeling. Coaching is action oriented; it requires a pioneer spirit that inspires others to achieve. Coaching is interpersonal and empathetic.