The Cornerstone Group worked with management groups in many of our facilities over several years. They worked directly with our senior management group for approximately eighteen months. I was retiring, and decided that leaving our group better prepared for the future was a priority. During that time we focused on both individual and group development. The tools that they brought first raised awareness of issues and opportunities. The DISC assessment was probably the best example. Again, these were applied by individuals and then reviewed for impact on group dynamics In many cases, they helped us understand behaviors that we had all witnessed. Changing behavior was the objective. Exercises helped highlight what we had learned. We then were exposed to another set of tools designed to help resolve issues and take advantage of opportunities in our rapidly changing environment. They helped us focus our efforts when there seemed to be too much to do, and too little time. Just last week, I pulled out the Playbook (another tool) to help me evaluate alternative options. Again, exercises helped build the skills to apply what we had learned. I sincerely believe our organization continues to benefit from our work with CCG, and know that as individuals we learned and changed.
Patrick McEvoyPresident, Blood Centers Division, Blood Systems Inc.
Sherry is a charismatic force, incredible at helping me realize my full potential as a business owner, executive manager, and strategic team leader. She is by no means passive, instead she actively pushes me to think, plan, and implement.
John AshtonCo-Founder Principal, Ashton Tiffany
Working with Cornerstone Consulting ended up showing me how little I actually knew about true transformative leadership. Sherry Robertson especially really forced me to face the hard questions and actually “own” the answers and actions. I learned more about real leadership in the year and a half that I worked with them than I had learned over the course of a 25+ year long career as an executive leader. I highly recommend their work and approach. It’s not touchy feely. It’s hard hitting, emotionally direct, and culture changing.
Tom ChoiVice President, BSI.
Sherry is an amazing Coach and partner! She became a trusted adviser to numerous executives and departments leaders throughout the organization. Sherry was unbelievable in helping us achieve our HR Transformation Initiative at TIAA-CREF. The successful implementation saved HR over $5 million dollars in our first year. Sherry introduced an Approved Vendor Model. During this process, an exptremely competitive rate card was established, reducing our approved vendors from over 500+ down to 50. The impact was over $20 million dollars in cost savings. The impact to TIAA-CREF was invaluable. I recommend Cornerstone Consulting for any company.
Robert E. GrastyVice President of Human Resources, TIAA-CREF Financial Services
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cornerstone Consulting Group and with Sherry Robertson for the past several years. Simply put, it’s been a “journey”. Enjoyable, but not an easy trek either. Over the past years I’ve been challenged to confront issues of personal and professional accountability and been asked to mine for conflict when it was the last thing I wanted to do. Both I and my colleagues have together confronted our personal styles of communication, our effectiveness and ineffectiveness as a team, our inherent strengths but also our embedded weaknesses. We learned to become vulnerable as we came face to face with each other and with ourselves to learn about, and probably make, every mistake in the array of books we all read. But the journey through it all was a process and I know we’re now a team that’s better for the experience. With Sherry as our guide we’ve traveled through the challenges and possibilities of our daily encounters, our interactions with others, and our internal dialogue with ourselves. It’s been fun, it’s been challenging, and I’m truly glad I made the trip. It’s an effort you won’t want to miss…
Michael HaywardDistrict Vice President, United Blood Services
I had the distinct honor and pleasure of meeting Sherry eight years ago. Her ability to clearly articulate the issues, the needs, and the desired Executive Vision made it clear she was on top of every issue and fact driving the business case and need. She truly cared for the company, the people, the process and outcomes. I highly recommend Sherry because she delivers results with the highest degree of ethics, knowledge and passion for her client.
Chauncey Kupferschmid Co-Founder, SilkRoad Technology
Prior to a consulting relationship with CornerStone Consulting Group (CCG), our senior leadership team was struggling with poor communication, disruptive and destructive individual and interpersonal behavior that threatened the team’s integrity and ability to “drive” the business needs of the organization, and a lack of cohesion that deprived the team of its ability to provide dynamic and focused leadership. The senior team’s engagement with CCG became an investment in personal and collective growth that culminated in achieving leadership excellence. Acquiring and integrating the core attributes of a functional team and applying those same principals throughout the organization unleashed the human capital of the business and raised its performance to a level not previously seen. Simply put, a relationship with CCG is perhaps the best investment any business can make if it seeks to survive, and most importantly, grow in today’s demanding business environment.
Audrey Jennings, MBAExecutive Director, United Blood Services Arizona
Working with Sherry and Cornerstone is always something I look forward to – partnering with one of the best in the business is an honor, and I benefit from her expertise in my own practice. I’ve seen the impact she’s had in organizations first-hand and it’s truly impressive. Her intuitive command of situations and masterful coaching of executive leadership teams gives her clients the much-needed edge. She will push to discomfort, ask the hard questions, and keep accountability front and center – all so her clients see the lasting change they seek. She’s been described as a “force”, and I smile because that’s very accurate. She’ll never leave an executive or team as she found them, and that to me, is the hallmark of exceptional coaching.
Jacque McCormackFounder-President, Hudson Group Consulting
Sherry has the amazing ability to get to what really matters and break through the rackets that held me back from being a better leader. She coached our leadership team into great leaders; leaders that saved the Foundation for Blind Children and re-built it into a national leader.
Marc AshtonChief Executive Officer, Foundation for Blind Children
Life Changing . . . This was my experience when working with Sherry Robertson. Her skilled expertise in providing executive coaching was invaluable. The outcome of our work together changed my views and habits to bring out the best in me as an Executive Leader. I feel strongly that I benefited and the people around me have benefited from my journey.
Carla FieldsCommunity Center Director, United Blood Services
Sherry’s integrity, experience and insight have been invaluable for me to become a leader in my organization, in just over one year. She has illuminated perceptions of me that I was unaware of. I have become more self aware which has exponentially improved my communication style and my relatedness to others.
I have known and worked with Sherry for over 10 years. She is a true team player, partner and adviser. Sherry epitomizes what an executive coach represents. Sherry has a diverse background, which gives her the ability to work in almost any industry. She truly knows how to help an organization achieve their goals and key results. OGE is a fortune 500 company with over 6,000 employees. I brought Cornerstone Consulting Group in to support numerous HR initiatives during a structure redesign. Sherry was fantastic at developing relationships with all levels of management. The Board of Director’s at OGE energy raved about Sherry’s accomplishments. This initiative had a direct impact to the HR bottom line and it helped us improve efficiency and reduced cost.
Robert E. GrastyChief People Officer & Vice President, Human Resources, OGE Energy
Sherry has worked with my company on a couple of different consulting/coaching assignments. We have gotten the results we were after in each instance. Her approach is both personable and professional. The feedback I have gotten from all of those in the company who have worked with her has been exemplary. I would recommend her without hesitation or reservation.
Don ColvinDirector, Organizational Development BSI
I have known and worked with Sherry Robertson for more than 20 years. Her insight and experience in Human Capital and Management are exemplary and have proven to be both effective and profitable. Her abilities with Major clients have yielded lasting relationships and have benefited everyone involved. She brings to the table honesty and integrity which ultimately translates to trust.
Greg CoriglianoVice President, Volt Services
I worked with Sherry for just over a year, during a period of organizational and leadership change in our organization. Sherry helped us move from a fractured leadership team, focused on the needs of the teams and departments they all led, to a cohesive team focused on the success of the organization. My personal development while working with Sherry focused around vulnerability and the perception of others. Intellect, business acumen, agility are all important competencies; however I realized how difficult it is for others to trust a leader who is perceived as “business only”. Being vulnerable is one of the strongest behaviors a leader can reveal, helping to build resilient working relationships built on trust.
Amy HutchNational Accounts Manager, BioCARE
Sherry was critical in my development. Before working with Sherry, I had assumed that I communicated the way I communicated and I would not be able to change this. However, she challenged me in a very motivating way to help me learn areas of weakness and taught me effective methods to improve in these areas. Sherry greatly helped me become a better manager, communicator, presenter and leader. These improvements ultimately enabled me to be promoted to VP Sales.
Andrew KirkVice President Sales, BioCARE