High Potential Team Development

What distinguishes the best companies in the world is not the quality of their top executives, but rather the consistency of developing high performing leaders throughout the organization.

Cornerstone has a proven and cost-effective approach to building future senior talent at any organization. Rather than generic, curriculum-based courses or expensive, ad hoc coaching interventions, CCG offers the advantages of a highly-individualized assessment and coaching experience with Individually Personalized Leadership Development. The result is a customized approach for each participating Leader, focusing on the individual’s strengths and opportunities for improvement as compared to the company’s core leadership competencies. We assess each leader’s individual growth opportunities, and provide him or her with a simple, coach-supported development plan.

Through “Discovery”, we offer a highly coordinated approach to uncovering and addressing prevailing leadership competency gaps in an organization. Data regarding common themes are provided to the Leadership Team. In many cases, we supplement the process with either curriculum or action-based workshops to address the highest-priority developmental gaps identified during “Discovery”.